Illustrated Standard – Gait

CKC Standard – Gait

The gait should be free, balanced and effortless with good reach in the forequarters and good driving power in the hindquarters. When trotting there should be a strong rear action drive. Hocks should fully extend. Each rear leg should move in line with the foreleg on the same side. Rear and front legs should be thrown neither in nor out. Back should remain strong, firm and level. When moving at a fast trot the properly built dog will single track.


The ideal balanced movement has been described in the standard. However, the Doberman is a galloping breed, and balance is crucial to being able to do his job. He is not a long-distance worker, and a longer-bodied dog with a big side gait is not able to do the job any better than a balanced dog with a less extravagant “go around.”