When is the Breeder Directory Updated

The Breeder Directory listings run concurrent with our membership year. Although memberships are due by January 31st, the current bylaws (April 2017) allow for members to renew their membership as late as March 31st. If the March 31st deadline changes in the future, so will our Breeder Directory posting dates.

The Breeder Directory is updated by the Membership Secretary in March/April of the current membership year. If changes are required during the membership year, please email the Membership Secretary with your updates. We will not update listings based on a general email to the members list stating that your email address has changed. Please email the Membership Secretary directly with all your changes.

The Membership Secretary sends an email to verify all listings. If you do not respond to this email it is assumed that your address is correct.

How does someone get nominated to the Board?"

As per the DPCC Bylaws the DPCC Board appoints a Nominating Committee comprised of members across Canada. The Nominating Committee must consider CKC’s requirements for National Clubs and our own Bylaw requirements. The DPCC Bylaws determine which positions are to be elected on a two year rotation and if any positions have term limits requiring a Board member to step-down from his/her position. If there is a vacancy on the Board then the Nominating Committee consults with the Regional Chapter Clubs and the various DPCC Committees for names of active members who contribute to the Regional Clubs and DPCC in a positive manner.

By July 1st, the Nominating Committee presents a slate of proposed Executive and Directors to the DPCC membership for approval. The Membership is emailed the proposed slate and informed of the process to nominate alternative members to the slate. If Nominations are received by the published deadline an election will follow. If not alternate nominations are received from the membership then the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee is elected and takes office January 1st of the next year.

If you aspire to join the DPCC Executive, our recommendation is to get involved. Either Join a DPCC Committee or get involved with your local Chapter Club. We are often looking for volunteers for both long and short term projects. We welcome more member involvement!

How often is the E-Howler published?

The E-Howler is the club’s main communication resource to members.  The E-Howler is typically published every two to three months, dependent on information that needs to be distributed.  In 2014 the E-Howler replaced the printed newsletter “The  Howler”.  A lack of Volunteer resources and input from members made the printed publication difficult to maintain in a timely manner. We still welcome articles, photos, brags and submissions for the E-Howler. Contact Howler@dpcc.ca if you have anything to share.

I'm not receiving emails, who do I contact?

If you are not receiving emails then please contact the Membership Secretary.

If you change your email address – please let us know! Email is our #1 means of communication.