Doberman Rescue In Canada

The DPCC supports rescue efforts by sharing information with our membership when a dog, in need of rescuing, is brought to our attention.  The majority of these dogs have not been bred by DPCC members, yet for the love of the breed we do our best to get information out and try to find these dogs a new home.

As we are not a rescue organization, and have limited volunteer resources, the information on this rescue page has been out-of-date.  As a result we will no longer list individuals or organizations doing rescue rather than provide out-of-date information.  With the resources available through the internet and social media, rescue organizations are more accessible than in the past. A few recommendations when looking for a Doberman in need of a home:

  • Search “Doberman Rescue” in Canada/Province/City etc. on Google, Facebook, or social media platform of choice.
  • Contact our Chapter Clubs – These clubs have a better idea of dogs available within their individual provinces
  • From time to time members may have rescued a dog from a local shelter or know of a dog in need of a new home.  Contacting them through the regional Chapter Club is a good place to start.

We are grateful to all the individuals who give generously of their time and resources to help Dobermans in need. Many people do this across Canada.  Thank you to the breeders who take their dogs back and thereby lighten the load of rescuers. To the homes that open their doors and families to Dobermans in need, thank you also.