The DPCC Congratulates Member Cheryl Mehaffey on receiving the Award for:

2022 DOG OF THE YEAR with

MBISS MBPIS GCHEX Dancing Stars-Protocol’s Time To Dance For DreamOn NTD

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We are pleased to provide a video resource for anyone looking for help in managing uncropped ears.

Thank you to DPCC Director/Member Jennifer Taylor for recording the video.

Looking for a Doberman to join your Family?


Visit our Rescue page for suggestions on how to access Rescue Organizaitons in Canada. We are grateful to all who give generously of their time and resources to help Dobermans in need.

Albino Dobermans

Albino or “White” Dobermans are not rare. Visit our page for facts and information on Albino/Albino-Factored Dobermans.

DPCC Statement on BSL

The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada is opposed to breed-specific legislation (BSL).  We support legislation that promotes responsible dog ownership. Responsible breeding and ownership should result in dogs with solid temperaments in homes equipped to train and raise their breed of choice. Irresponsible pet owners should be penalized for their actions, not the dogs they exploit.

The City of Calgary has been praised internationally for its Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. We applaud the City of Calgary and encourage other municipalities to consider Calgary’s bylaw as an alternative to breed banning.

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Dobermans In Action

The Doberman breed is intelligent and athletic making them very versatile to participate in a variety of dog sports. Below are a few videos of our members and their dog’s participating in various sports.  Videos may be enlarged by clicking on the lower right icon on the play screen.

Ninja demonstrating lure coursing and earning her “Chase Ability” title.