DPCC Versatility Medallion Awards

In recent years we have seen an increase in new performance venues such as dock diving, nosework, trick dog, and barn hunt to name a few examples.  These events have led the Awards Committee and Executive to discuss the best way to recognize the efforts of Doberman/owner teams who are competing in these venues.

Mailing of Medallions

Medallions are mailed quarterly (March/June/September/December).


Why not add these titles to the ROMC program?

The Register of Merit is awarded to Dobermans who have titled in conformation, performance and passed an approved Temperament Test. A Register of Merit is a title of distinction that Doberman fanciers should be proud to earn and strive to achieve. The current performance events accepted for the ROMC are Obedience, Agility, Rally-Obedience, IPO, Tracking, Nosework. We believe that these performance venues demonstrate qualities outlined in the Doberman standard and are in keeping with the historical purposes of the Doberman breed. A Doberman was not bred to dispatch vermin, herd sheep or perform water rescue; therefore titles obtained in these venues are not consistent with the purposes of the Register of Merit program.

HOWEVER, we feel it is important to recognize the hard work of members and their Doberman partners who are participating in these venues. With that in mind the DPCC is pleased to offer the Versatility Medallion Program.


Medallions and Titles

  • Versatility – Bronze Medal (VBM) – Requirement five titles
  • Versatility – Silver Medal (VSM) – Requirement 10 titles
  • Versatility – Gold Medal (VGM) – Requirement 15 titles
  • Versatility – Platinum Medal (VPM) – Requirement 20 titles

The suffixes (VBM/VSM/VGM/VPM) may be added as unofficial titles to your dog’s name.

Please note these are not recognized by the CKC and can not be added to your “official” registration.


The Rules

The purpose of this program is to recognize Doberman teams that title in multiple venues, and also to encourage more Doberman teams to participate in multiple venues.


  • Applicant/Owner must be a DPCC Member. If the dog is co-owned by non-members, the Award must be applied for by the DPCC member and the medallion will be mailed to the DPCC member only.
  • Only one medallion will be mailed per award
  • All titles qualify as long as they are issued by an official titling organization. ** UNDER REVIEW ** Currently the 2K9 title from DMWYD is not accepted. 
  • This is a versatility title and your titles must represent a minimum of two disciplines (for example, you can not qualify with only agility or rally titles. You must title in another discipline to qualify).
  • HIT/BIS/BISS are not official titles, therefore they do not count
  • ROMC and ROM titles do not count, as credit is already given for the titles required to obtain for those awards
  • Titles do not need to be earned on Canadian soil
  • Each new title counts as one title (for example CD, CDX, UD, Ch, GCh, GChEx all count as individual titles)
  • As the program develops new rules may be added for clarification