Illustrated Standard – Coat and Colour

CKC Standard – Coat and Colour

Smooth haired, short, hard, thick and close lying. Invisible grey undercoat on neck permissible. Allowed colours: black, red, blue and fawn. In each colour the more strongly pigmented coat is the more desirable. Markings: rust red, sharply defined, and appearing above each eye, on muzzle, throat and forechest, on all legs and feet, and below tail. White on chest not exceeding one-half square inch permissible. Disqualifying Fault: Dogs not of an allowed colour.


 A short, hard, thick and close-lying coat gives this breed its hallmark look. A long coat gives a rough look that is more reminiscent of the ancestors of the breed, and is not what we value. The skin does not show through on a good coat. The Doberman is a solid-coloured dog with the specific tan-point pattern of rust markings. In each colour the more sharply defined markings are preferred. Any base coat colour or markings other than the allowed black, red, blue or fawn (Isabella) are to be disqualified.