Illustrated Standard – Ears

CKC Standard – Ears

Ears either cropped or uncropped. The upper attachment of the ear, when alert, should be on a level with the top of the skull. If cropped, the ears should be well trimmed and carried erect. If uncropped, they should be small and neat, and set high on the head.



The ears are most often cropped and should stand erect. The cropped ear gives this breed its characteristic alert look, as well as aiding in sound location. If uncropped, the ears must not impede the dog’s hearing ability by being hound-like, or lying in folds that block sound. When alert, the uncropped ear will lift slightly. The leading edge of the uncropped ear should lie close to the head at rest and outline the shape of the head, not standing off from the head at the front view or appearing excessively long from the side.