Illustrated Standard – Faults/Disqualifications

CKC Standard – Faults / Disqualifications


  • Feminine dogs, masculine bitches.
  • Light tan or muddied markings. Overly large markings.
  • Head out of balance in proportion to body. Ram’s, dish-faced, cheeky or snipey head. Any deviation from the correct number or placement of teeth to be penalized in direct proportion to the amount of deviation. Slit eyes, glassy eyes, round eyes. Weak or knuckled-over pasterns. Hare feet, splay feet. Overly rounded or flat croup

Major Faults

  • Coarseness, fine Greyhound build.
  • Loose shoulder, straight shoulder.
  • Sway or roach back.
  • Straight stifles, cow-hocks, spread hocks, sickle hocks.


  • Shyness, viciousness.
  • Overshot more than 3/16 in. (0.5 cm), undershot more than 1/8 in. (0.3 cm).
  • Four or more missing teeth.
  • Dogs not of an allowed colour.

Shyness – A dog shall be judged fundamentally shy if, refusing to stand for examination, it shrinks away from the judge; if it fears an approach from the rear; if it shies at sudden and unusual noises to a marked degree.

Viciousness – A dog that attacks, or attempts to attack either the judge or its handler is definitely vicious. An aggressive or belligerent attitude towards other dogs shall not be deemed vicious.


Shyness and viciousness remain a disqualification in the Canadian standard. This reflects the importance we place on this issue. An adult dog that shows signs of fearfulness must never be rewarded.

The attempted introduction of the white Doberman has forced us to add the “Not of an allowed colour” disqualification. As there has never been a white Doberman in the official history of the breed, we feel that this colour has been introduced by improper breeding. The negative side-effects of albinism are too great for us to allow this to infect the breed.