Illustrated Standard – Head

CKC Standard – Head

Long and dry, resembling a blunt wedge, both frontal and profile views. When seen from the front, the head widens gradually towards the base of the ears in a practically unbroken line. Top of skull flat, turning with slight stop to bridge of muzzle, with muzzle line extending parallel to the top line of the skull. Length of muzzle equal to length of skull. Cheeks flat and muscular. Lips, lying close to the jaws, and not drooping. Jaws full and powerful, well filled under the eyes.

Nose solid black in black dogs, dark brown in reds, dark gray in blues, and dark tan in fawns.


The head should be long, but in balance with the neck and body. A “dry muzzle” means clean, with no superfluous skin or flews. The head is balanced, with muzzle and skull being equal, and all being in balance with the body. The tight skin on the head gives no wrinkles on the brow. The Doberman’s job requires that he have a strong jaw, with good muscling, and good bone under the eye as well as full dentition with strong teeth and proper occlusion. When seen from the side, the skull planes should be parallel and the underjaw apparent.

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