Illustrated Standard – Size

CKC Standard – Size

Height at withers—males, 26 to 28 inches, ideal 27½ inches (70 cm); females, 24 to 26 inches, ideal 25½ inches (65 cm). Males, decidedly masculine, without coarseness. Females, decidedly feminine, without over-refinement. Deviation from ideal height to be penalized in proportion to the amount of deviation.


A medium-sized dog, the Doberman must appear solid and balanced within his height and weight range. Males should be from 26 to 28 inches, females 24 to 26 inches at the withers. Weights will be from 80 to 95 pounds for males, and from 65 to 75 pounds for females. They shall not appear oversized or slight, but should give the appearance of musculature necessary to ward off or challenge an aggressor. They shall give the appearance of being an athlete in a smooth-fitting skin and in superior condition.

These guidelines describe the ideal, but remember that size is just one part of the whole, and a good dog, large or small, should not be passed over for a poor dog of correct size. The length measurement is from the sternum to the ischium, and the height is measured from the highest point of the withers to the ground.