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The DPCC is pleased to offer information for both DPCC Breeder’s and Rescue Organizations.  

The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada Inc.’s Breeder Directory is published annually as a service to prospective purchasers. The breeders listed are DPCC members, but inclusion in this publication does NOT constitute any endorsement or recommendation by the DPCC in any manner. Breeders listed appear at the express request of the individual after payment of a nominal yearly fee.

The DPCC and its officers, assume no responsibility for the quality, health, or temperament of any dog, nor the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty or reliability, either expressed or implied, by any person whose name appears on this list. All such warranties, guarantees and promises are between buyer(s) and seller(s) as individuals.

The Rescue Organizations/Individuals listed on the website are also a courtesy listing and not an endorsement or recommendation.

All the best in  your search to add a Doberman to your family.