ROMC Recipients (present to 1996)

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2023 ROMC Recipients

  • GCh Shameless CraZ on U Supernova ICGR, ICBR, NCGR, NCBR, ACGR, ACBR, SDIN, SDN, SD-S, RATI, RATN, NTD, CGN, WAC
    • Owner: Katherine Stead
  • Can GCH UDC-CH Themiscyra’s Step Into Your Power BH-VT CSAU CGC CGN WAC TT ATT VBM
    • Owner: Amaya Wolff
  • Am CH/Can GCH Mervio Chosen Warrior v Sioul AOM CGN TKN AGN AGNJ DSA DM ACT2 ACT2J TT VSM BFL-1
    • Owner: Michelle Gotch-Mitchell
  • Dancing Star-Protocol’s Time to Dance for DreamOn
    • Owner: Cheryl Mehaffey, Liz Gentile and Jocelyn Mullins
  • Ch Fabert’s Joi de Vivr CD TT
    • Owner: Susan Zakrzewski

2022 ROMC Recipients

  • GCH Sioul’s The Devil Inside RN AGNs AGNJs WAC VGM
    • Owner: Michelle Gotch-Mitchell

2021 ROMC Recipients

    • Owner: Marie-Claire Guindon

2020 ROMC Recipients

  • Am/ Can GCH Mojave’s Gateway to Gold AG.I, AG.NJ,JT,RATI,NS,SDIN,ITD, TT, VSM
    • Owner: Alison Merrick, Meagan Cunnings
  • Ch Dura Lex Polonia Lennon BH TT
    • Owner: Beata Achita
  • Am.Can. Ch Kinetic Hopes and Dreams v Firelake CA, SDIN, SDN, RATI, SD-S,SP, NS, ETD, TT
    • Owner:  Hope Johnson and Amy Tourond

2019 ROMC Recipients

  • CH Ravalleses West Side Story CGN TT RE R02 SPOT ON Owner: Shirley Brennan

2018 ROMC Recipients

  • GCh Goldgrove Heaven’s Messenger TT, CD owner: Sharon Pflueger and Deborah J Dorken
  • Gr Ch Sharinway’s Son of Anarchy DD, RA, TT owners: Guylaine Champigny and Katherine Kew
  • CH K-Lins Rockin Kris V Tallyesyn RA TT Owner: Margaret Lowe and Kathy Farley
  • Am Can Ch Tallyesyn Bostons Best on Ice v Adria Am CA, Am Can RN, Can PN, RA, WAC Owner: Kathy Farley
  • CH Redstone’s Roving Gypsy Girl CD RN TT CGN Owner: Kristine Allen, Nicole Kleist, Patricia Reinhardt
  • CH Redstone’s See No Evil TT, BH Owner: Kristin Allen, Leanne Stalker, Kyle Mogridge
  • CH Ravalleses Jersey Girl TT BH Owner: Sven Stilzebach
  • UKC/CKC CH Ravalleses Hotter Than Hades TT BH IPO1 Owner: Angela Ravallese, Diane Carslen

2017 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch Kinetic On The Runway CGN, TT, SD-A, RATI, ROMC  owner: Hope Johnson
  • Ch Ravalleses Nubian Princess CGN, TT, RAE, URX, UROC, ROMC owner: Shirley Brennan
  • Ch Oriol Hector De Grande Vinko TT, BH  owner: Alexandra Smereka
  • Ch Shadeko’s Quest For Rubies CGN, TT, RN, RA owner: Kristin Allen, Nicole Kleist, Patricia Reinhardt
  • Ch. Perfex All About Eve v Relic CD, RI, TT CGN owner: Lendra Barker
  • BPIS BPISS BISS GCh Wingate’s First and Goal CD RA CGN TT owner: David A. Buchanan and Carla M Kowalchuk
  • Ch UGCH Allure Wildest Dream Alisaton CGC TT RN Can RA URO1 Can PCD owner: Beth & Carl Walker
  • Ch Gatehouse Rustenblack Kiss This TT TD CGN owner: Barry Robinson & Maura Reilly

2016 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch d’Bella’s Second Sip of Wine, RA, TT, ROMC  owner: Linda D. Hill
  • Ch Dobereich’s  Upping The Ante, CGN, RA, TT, ROMC owner: Joan K. Lusted, Monica Peterson
  • Ch. Boland’s Rachel Alexandra, CDX, RAE3, CGN, ROM-C  owner: Katherine Stead

2015 ROMC Recipients

  • BPIS GCh d’Bella’s Vaudeville Vixen, RE, AgNJ, AgN, TT, ROMC  owner: Linda D. Hill
  • Multi HIT/CAN/UKC Ch. Whitcam’s My Time To Shine, CGN, TD, RE, TT, CD, ROMC owner: Denise & Randy Rittenhouse
  • Ch Sasanoa Media Blitz, CD, WAC,ROMC owner: Penny Cary and Hosea Carpenter

2014 ROMC Recipients

No applicants

2013 ROMC Recipients

  • Am Ch/Can Grand Ch/UKC Ch Dreamseekers Wizard CGN, CGC, TT, CD, ROMC, SOM, owner: Maura C. Reilly
  • Ch Prinz Auguste Vom Dobereich CGN, CD, RN, TT ROMC, owner: Stephan Leblanc, Monica Peterson
  • Am/Can GCh Mojave’s Creeping Devil RN, CDX, WAC, ROMC, owner: Alison Merrick
  • Ch. Boland’s Coup de Foudre Holmrun CGN, RN, RA, CD, WAC, CGC, RE, Am RN, Am RA, ROMC owner: Vicky Olson
  • Am/Can Ch. Holmrun’s Regardez, RN, Am/Can C.D., CGN, WAC, ROM, ROMC, owners:  V. Cherie Holmes, Fran and Diana Sparagna, Lora and Dan Epp

2012 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch Riesig Von Duchessgibb Vixson CD TT CG ROMC, owner: Margaret Campbell
  • Ch Gatehouse Igotsumxplainintodo TT TD GCN ROMC, owner: Barry L. Robinson
  • Ch Gorrmae’s Simply Complicated CD CGN TT ROMC, owner: Mary and Jay Korevaar
  • Ch Ravalleses Poetry In Motion RA TT ROMC, owner: Angela Ravallese
  • Ch Doolittle Opus Meum TT BH ROMC, owner: Angela Ravallese
  • Ch Ryansluxus Phoenix V StBrandt CD TT ROMC, owner: Angela Ravallese
  • HIT Ch Liberator’s Mirage TT CGN RN CD ROMC, owner: Carla Kowalchuk
  • Ch Sasanoa Early Edition CD BH WAC ROMC, owner: Carol Crosby
  • HIT Ch Kandak’s Corazon de Canela RA, TT ROMC, owner: Linda D. Hill

2011 ROMC Recipients

No Applicants

2010 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Glengate’s Calm Like A Bomb, Am. Can. CD, RN, ROMC, CGN, BFL-1 owner: Jay and Mary Korevaar
  • Ch. Fabert’s From Russia With Love, CD, ROMC, owner: Susan Zakrzewski
  • Ch. Royolyn Best Kept Secret, RA, ROMC, owner: Rachel and Rick Jesse and Carolyn Irvine
  • CH. Mi-Cher’s Trace of an Angel, CD, ROMC, owner: Cheryl A. Hassett
  • Ch. Holmrun’s Bo Coup, RA. ROMC, owner: Katherine Stead
  • Ch. Edelmar’s That’s My Girl, CD, RN, ROMC, owner: Elizabeth McGinley

2009 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Judgar’s Just Me, CD, ROMC, owned by Gary and Judy Kauffeldt
  • Ch. Kandak’s Oxford Lexington, RA, CD, TT, ROMC, CGN, LC-11L, BFL-1, owned by Linda D. Hill
  • Ch. Tempo’s Tuxwdo Junction, CD, ROMC, owned by Diane Wydick
  • Ch. Gentry’s Beck N’ Call, owned by Caitlin Rathburn Ch. Mi-Cher’s Renegade Angel, CD, ROMC, owned by Cheryl Hassett
  • Ch. Seven’s Strekoza Pennylane, RA, ROMC, owned by Leah Hamaluk and Marlene Biglow
  • Ch. Audacious Kahlua Ravalleses, CD, ROMC, owned by Angela Ravallese
  • Ch. Jurassik’s Red Rock Paradise, RA, ROMC, owned by Alison Merrick and Kim Boucher

2008 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Wittrock’s Zzzzzaaron, CD, ROMC owned by Bonnie Wittrock
  • Ch. Tyobi’s Solid As A Rock, CD, ROMC owned by Kathy Farley and Gloria Farley
  • Ch. Seven’s She’s All That, CD, ROMC owned by Marlene Biglow
  • Ch. Sasanoa Kuai, CD, ROMC owned by Joe & Linda Robinson, Penny Cary, Hosea Carpenter
  • Ch. Holmrun’s Fastlane, CD, ROMC owned by Colette Ritchie
  • Ch. Pennylane’s High Fashion, CD, ROMC owned by Marlene Biglow
  • Ch. Devonquests New Era v Kalora, AGN, SGDC, ROMC owned by Lee Hartfield, John Caiger, Christine Bartram-Calarneau
  • Ch. Tempo’s Sunrise Serenade, CD, ROMC owned by: Diane Wydick[/tab]
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2007 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Baronessa Di Ravalleses, CD, BH, ROMC, owned by: Angela Ravallese
  • Ch. Dobayr’s American Express, CD, ROMC, owned by: Jack and Valerie Kravets
  • Ch. Gentry’s Blackhawk Down, CD, AGI, AGJN, ROMC, owned by Caitlin Rathburn
  • Ch. Glengate Bettr Late Than Nevr CD, ROMC, CGN, owned by M. & S Roth and J & M Korevaar
  • Ch. Glengate’s Remember The Future, CD, ROMC, owned by: Jay and Mary Korevaar
  • Ch. Gentry’s Lady Of the Lake CD Am/Can RA CGN HIC WAC, owned by: Vicky Olson
  • Ch. I Am Gypsy Queen de Baviere, CD, ROMC, owned by: Julie Simpson and Diane DuBois
  • Ch. Judgar’s Just A Little Tipsy, AGN, AGNJ, ROMC, owned by: Christine Boisvert
  • Ch. Mi-Cher’s Guardian Angel, CD, ROMC, owned by: Cheryl A. Hassett and Terri Alore
  • Ch. Nobolis Undercover Angel, AGNJ, ROMC, owned by: Diana Shore
  • Ch. Acclaim’s The Last Detail, CD, ROMC, owned by Carol & Ellice Hauta
  • Ch. Ryanslexus Pheonix v St Brandt, CD, ROMC, owned by: Angela Ravallese
  • Ch. Thistleha’s Bamako de Baviere, CD, ROMC, owned by: Susan Filsner and Diane DuBois
  • Ch. Royolyn Dark Power CD, CGN, TT, ROMC, owned by: Tamara Champagne
  • UCD Multi HIT Ch. Trymine Xzotic Flair v Domtom CDX, CGN, TT, ROMC, VCX, RL1, HIC, BH, TD, RA, Am RN, Am CD, TDI, CGC, WDS TT, OB1 owned by: Tamara Champagne

2006 ROMC Recipients

No recipients

2005 ROMC Recipients

  • MBIS Ch. Trymine’s Joint Custody CD TT RN ROMC, owned by: Lendra Barker & Mary Trainor
  • Ch. Wildacre’ss Lady Marmalade CD ROMC, owned by: Elisabeth St-Cyr
  • Ch. Glengate’s Come What May CD ROMC, owned by: Jay & Mary Korevaar
  • Ch. Pennylane Saturday Nite Live CD ROMC, owned by: Marlene Biglow, Holly & Steve Schorr
  • UKC/CKC Ch. Dobereich’s Finally Friday, PTT, TT, UCC, CGN, P-CD, CD, ROMC, owned by: Maura Reilly

2004 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Dunrala’s Razinmade Iced Sun, CD, ROMC, owned by L. Casselman, M Czebotarenku, D. and M. McLean
  • Ch. Equinox Designer Genes, CD, ROMC, owned by Judy Bohnert
  • Ch. Judgar’s Just As I Am, AgN, ROMC, owned by Karey Grisdale
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s Rhinestone Cowboy, CD, ROMC, owned by Marilyn Manino
  • Ch. Mi-Cher’s Christmas Angel, CD, ROMC, owned by Cheryl Hassett
  • Ch. Wildacre’s Angel of Jenecho, owned by Jenny Mehan

2003 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Cara’s After Dark, CDX, BH, Sch A, ROMC, owned by Susan Morrissey
  • Ch. Cara’s The Color Of Night, CDX, BH, Scg A, ROMC, owned by Susan Morrisey
  • Ch. Dunrala’s Liquorise Blac Lexus, CD, ROMC, owned by Steve and Renee Russo
  • Ch. RD’s Desert Angel v Moria, CD, ROMC, owned by Heather Doolittle, Daisy Doolittle and Bobbie Green
  • Ch. Tye’s Janet Planet, CD, AgI, ROMC, owned by Christine Boisvert

2002 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Anozira’s Cactus Jack, CD, ROMC, owned by Jean Boland
  • Ch. Anrich Dreemkeeper of Saxony, CD, ROMC, owned by Diana Shore and Gord Shore
  • Ch. Cagucci Onida de Baviere, CD, ROMC, owned by Jane Barrette, Diane and Robert DuBois
  • Ch. Fabert’s Lady Echo Echo, CD, ROMC, owned by Jenny Grodzki
  • Ch. Royolyn Headstudy in Black, CD, ROMC, owned by Phil Griffith & Carolyn Irvine
  • Ch. Tye’s Just Dressed To Kill, CD, ROMC, owned by Karey Grisdale
  • Ch. Tye’s Twisted Sister v Judgar, CD, ROMC, owned by J and K Kauffeldt
  • Ch. Veriann’s The Tazman, CD, ROMC, owned by Marlene Biglow

2001 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. BJF Measure For Measure, CD, ROMC, owned by Julie and Mark Stade
  • Ch. Car Lor’s MGM Grand, CD, ROMC, owned by Maria Stodulski
  • Ch. Solar’s Glengate Abilene Ember, CD, ROMC, owned by J and M Korevaar, J, A and M Marshall
  • Ch. RD’s Angel Among Us v Moria, owned by P. Moorhatch, A. Carroll, D. Doolittle, H. Coplea
  • Ch. Sleepycoves Walk The Line, CD, ROMC, owned by Catherine Reid
  • Ch. Sharinway’s Walkaway Winston, CD, ROMC, owned by Kim Boucher

2000 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Jandec’s Napoleon Paragon, CDX, ROMC, owned by: Janet Madec
  • Ch. Mi-Ti’s Angel of Music, CD, ROMC, owned by: Diane Wydick
  • Ch. Moonspier’s Hails A Poppin, CD, ROMC owned by: Lel Gedde
  • Can/Int CH Can MOTCH Pentium a Dream Within Equinox Am UD AX MXJ VCX WAC Can RN DD AGI ADC ROMC HIC CGC ROMC LC-11, owned by: Carla Mai Nissen
  • Ch. Royolon Major Showoff, CDX, ROMC, owned by: Lee Kenyon
  • Ch. Serenity Sherbourg Vondura, CD, ROMC, owned by: Diane Wydic
  • Ch. Tempo’s Undercover Angel, CD, ROMC, owned by: Diane Wydick

1999 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Adobe’s Gambler’s Dream, CD, ROMC, owned by: Christine Bartram
  • Ch. Adlerheim’s Rubicon, CD, ROMC, owned by: Mary Spinelli
  • Ch. Adlerheim’s Fascinating Rhythm, CDX, ROMC, owned by: Diane Wydick
  • Ch. Equinox Carpe Diem, CD, ROMC, owned by: Amy Tourond
  • Ch. Holmrun Baron T Kootenay CD WAC CGN ROMC, owned by: Colette Ritchie
  • Ch. Judgar’s Just A Rerun, CD, ROMC, owned by: G and J Kauffeldt and B. Wilhite
  • Ch. Ravallese’s Angel v Ryans Luxus, CD, ROMC, owned by: Angela Ravallese

1998 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Cara’s Queen of the Night, CDX, BH, ROMC, owned by Susan Simeon and Ray Carlisle
  • Ch. Carbon’s Charged To The Max, CD, ROMC, owned by Olyn and W. Schnibben and Karen Richard
  • Ch. Dobestar’s Seventh Saturn, CDX, ROMC, owned by Mary Spinelli
  • Ch. Mi-Ti’s Britanica, CD, ROMC, owned by Ursuka and Robert Strobel
  • Ch. Lemil’s Lethal Weapon, CD, ROMC, owned by Penny Carey and Hosea W. Carpenter

1997 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Sleepycoves High Wire Dhobi, CD, ROMC, owned by Catherine Reid
  • Ch. Wittrock’s Cascadian Tiger, CD, ROMC, owned by Michelle Limoges
  • Ch. Wrath’s High Society, CD, ROMC, owned by Lee Kenyon

1996 ROMC Recipients

  • Ch. Lyndobe’s All That Glitters, CD, ROMC, owned by Lynne Coleman
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s Call Me Madame, CD, ROMC, owned by Lynne Coleman
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s Denim ‘N Diamonds, CD, ROMC, owned by Lynne Coleman
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s Fire ‘N Desire, CD, ROMC, owned by Lynne Coleman
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s Proof Not Promises, CD, ROMC, owned by Lynne Coleman
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s See Me Shine, owned by Ann and Michael Sansalone
  • Ch. Lyndobe’s Wizard of Ahhs, CD, ROMC, owned by Marilyn Mannino and Lynn Coleman
  • Ch. Kronen’s Criminal Justice, CD, ROMC, owned by Elizabeth and Mathew McGinley
  • Ch. Mi-Cher’s Rebel Commander, CD, ROMC, owned by Cheryl Hassett and Alice Chabler
  • Ch. Moria’s Commando O’Marks-Tey, CDX, ROMC, owned by Patricia Moorhatch
  • Ch. Moria’s The Eagle Has Landed, CD, ROMC, owned by Partrica Moorhatch and Andrea Carroll